West Elm. IKEA. Crate & Barrel. Perfectly fine furniture for the guest room! Kidding aside, certain spaces call for statement pieces designed with your specific needs in mind. An heirloom dining table made from a slab of black walnut which you select yourself. A bespoke beside table with your desired dimensions down to 1/64th of an inch. Handcrafted seating that sits seamlessly within the surrounding architecture of your home. I don't need to tell you why custom works, but as for how...

Going custom is a collaboration and the process is driven by your inputs and inspirations. Beyond the obvious attributes (dimensions, wood type, functionality), I first like to understand your individual aesthetic. The more ideas in the design blender, the better. Clippings from design magazines, blog posts and blurry cell-phone photos are all welcome. Depending on your proximity, I may schedule a home visit to further understand your space and style.

Finally, for a $250 design fee (refundable should you hire me) I'll design three original concepts for you. These small wooden models offer you the opportunity to visualize the furniture in three dimensions. I'll email you photos of these three concepts, along with a quote for the cost of each. After hearing your feedback, I'll tweak your favored design accordingly and make sure we're on the same page. Then after a 50% down payment to cover material costs, it's off to the races! 

To begin the design process, email Johnny at