Our craft begins with a quiet merging of material and maker. A reverence for the life of the lumber expressed through two hands and trusted tools. A process marked by the milestones: the true color of a sun-bleached board revealed through the planer, the joined base finally standing on its own sturdy legs, the first coat of oil transforming the tone. At last, the finished top is attached, stirring the senses with swirling wood grain and tenderness to the touch.

As furniture makers, we learn when to step aside and let the wood do the work. It's an endless education, humbling us at every turn with untold techniques and traditions. We work happily on the margins, outside the marketplace of mass-production, chasing the beauty, meaning and spirit of handmade. The process is slower by comparison, the product stronger by nature. It's hard work but we savor the pursuit of all things artful, thoughtful and soulful.